Alert from the Diocese – Parish Safety

Panhandlers in Parking Lot & Main Entrance

Solicitation & panhandling are not permitted on parish grounds.  If you witness this, contact an usher immediately.  St. Clare of Assisi Parish helps 250+ families through St. Vincent de Paul and Kings Things Outreach Groups.  St. Vincent de Paul has a process in place to help people in need as does Kings Things.  They provide immediate assistance and work with families to direct them to several agencies to get them back on their feet.  If you want to help, please use the poor boxes located in the churches.  You can also drop a donation in the offertory collection each weekend-putting it in an envelope indicating St. Vincent de Paul or Kings Things.  These funds go directly to these outreach groups.  The diocese has encouraged us to invite those who need our help to contact the parish office or these outreach groups who can provide assistance.

Kings Things, 856-467-1796

St. Vincent de Paul Society, 856-423-4190


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

St. Clare of Assisi Parish, under the Spiritual direction of Fr. David Grover, and Fr. Rene Canales of Our Lady of Hope Parish, will be hosting a trip to the Holy Land from November 5-13, 2018. If you would like to receive a brochure or more information, please email:

Click HERE for more information!