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Catholic School Students Need Our Help!

Did you know that Governor Murphy’s proposed 2019 state budget reflects a total cut 3.8 million dollars from nonpublic school aid? These cuts will affect vital nursing services and technology aid for Catholic school students in NJ. In addition, the proposed allotment for bus transportation for students in Catholic schools has been decreased to $884 per child. If you have strong feelings about the way these cuts will affect our Catholic Schools, you can click here to send a message to our state legislators through the NJ Catholic Conference Voter Voice System.


Weekend Mass Schedule
updated Friday, October 6th 

4:30p.m. Gibbstown

8:00a.m. Swedesboro
9:30a.m. Swedesboro Español
9:30a.m. Gibbstown English
11:00a.m. Swedesboro

4:30p.m. Swedesboro

Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday- Wednesday
8:30a.m. Gibbstown

Thursday – Friday
8:30a.m. Swedesboro

Saturday Morning
9:00a.m  Swedesboro


After 9:00a.m. Mass Swedesboro
3:45p.m. Gibbstown

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament
9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Swedesboro