Confirmation Fall 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

How are your children doing with their strengths? They should be working on their 2nd strength at this time by using the workbook they received at the workshop and completing the pages just like they did with the 1st strength.  Have they checked in with their sponsors lately? The workshop is slowly approaching and we will be exploring more of their strengths.

Level 2 service will begin once you have completed an application for your child for Reception of Confirmation which will be available in April.

The following material should be kept in the folder so it can be reviewed in class…

  1. Strength explorer youth workbook
  2. Strength explorer “Top 3” report
  3. Confirmation saint report guidelines
  4. Confirmation service guidelines
  5. Bishop letter guidelines – I am in the process of updating these guidelines (please disregard one in folder)
  6. Confirmation Interview guide
  7. Lesson 1 – 5 – “Gifted with the Spirit” pamphlet – are they working on these, reviewing the lessons (Vision students only)
  8. Future “Gifted with the Spirit” pamphlets

As I reminded the confirmandi’s that bringing this folder to class & completing the assignments is their responsibility, not their parents.  Confirmation service forms (you may download form below) are to be handwritten by them and turned in to class by them when they attend.  These forms are different than Vision service forms.  

A few reminders….

1. Confirmation Workshop dates are May 18th & June 1st –   This workshop is for all confirmandi’s & their sponsor.  We would really like for the sponsors instead of parents try to attend this workshop. Of course, if the sponsor lives more than 1 hour away, a parent may attend in their place.

Bridget will be sending out emails regarding status of your child’s completion of Level 1 requirements. If there are outstanding items please have your child bring to next class. 

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

May God Bless you,




Service Journal - Level 2
Confirmation Service Journal




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