Confirmation First Year Preparation

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Family Agreement:

We understand that by applying to prepare & receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, we willingly commit to the following:

– Lifelong attendance at Mass on Sundays and on Holy Days of obligation and Lifelong celebration of Penance and Eucharist

– Attendance at Confirmation Level One & Two preparation classes (conducted outside Religious Education program and Catholic School classes). Schedule will be announced at a later date.

– Completion of the Confirmation program service requirement, independent of service required for Catholic School or Religious Education program.

– Parent attendance at 1st level Confirmation meeting. Scheduled for January 30, 2017 or February 4, 2017.

-Confirmandi attendance at one of the scheduled Enrollment Masses. Scheduled for February 4, 2017 or February 5, 2017.

– Parent attendance at 2nd level Confirmation meeting. Dates will be provided at a later date.

– Attendance at the Confirmation Level 1 Confirmandi/Sponsor Retreat. Scheduled for May 20, 2017 or June 3, 2017

– Attendance at the Confirmation Level 2 Confirmandi/Sponsor Retreat. Dates will be provided at a later date.

– Lifelong religious education for parents and child. Children must enroll in either Vision classes 2017-2018 school year or Catholic School 2017-2018 school year.

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