Family Support Group Meeting

Loving someone struggling with addiction can be very difficult, painful, and chaotic. A Community Support Group can help by offering peer support for anyone affected by drug addiction. Join us on Saturday, August 18 at 9:30am at The Church of Incarnation, Mantua, NJ in the Fr. Salerno Room. All are welcome to attend, including those suffering from addiction/alcoholism, family members and those who have experienced a loss from the disease. For more information, call 609-617-9959.

What to Expect When Attending the Family Support Group Meeting:

This is not a group led by professional addiction counselors.

All members support each other.

Confidentiality is crucial to the support process. What is discussed in the meeting should remain in the meeting.

The group provides support to those who have dealt with or are dealing with addiction. They do not judge or give advice.

The other group members will tell their stories, which are likely to be similar to yours. Their stories and experiences may provide you with new insights into your own recovery.  Stories will entail both codependency, recovery and relapse.

The group may encourage you to share your story and seek their help. They help themselves by helping you.

You will hear and see hope in recovery.

There may be educational speakers.

After the meeting, there is time to talk to each other. This is a great time to receive individual feedback and support and bond as a recovery community.

Other group members will reach out to you.

Group members will provide phone numbers and emails.

You will have the opportunity to ask for help. So please ask!

The group is not a 12-Step meeting; however, the support group embraces the 12-Step philosophy as some of the members may also work a 12-Step program.

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