Israel 2018

We’re going to ISRAEL! NOVEMBER 5-13, 2018

A trip to ISRAEL has been organized from St Clare of Assisi Parish!

9 Days travelling with Fr Rene Canales and Fr. Dave Grover

Let the Gospels Come Alive for You!

I am EXCITED ! I have never been to the Holy Land. What an adventure to experience the homeland of Jesus, Mary & Joseph… Wow! My mind is already looking to know the connections.

When I first Visited Ireland, I was amazed that I felt, really felt, a deeper understanding of Grandmother and her stories of life in Ireland. It was powerful for me. I am trying to imagine the connections and understandings I will feel with Jesus in Israel!

This is a great opportunity through pilgrimage to embrace the lessons of the Gospels we love and the Gospels that perplex us. A pilgrimage is a journey made in faith, seeking understanding of Gods presence in our lives today. We will journey, celebrate mass together, pray and find the blessings of the pilgrimage that will come home in our hearts and our faith!

Come ! Join Fr Rene and I in ISRAEL 2018 !

Fr Dave


Contact Information

If you are interested in the Trip to the Holy Land 2018, please contact Annamarie Dick:


Please click HERE for the official brochure.

Or HERE for the link to the trip website.



“Travel to the Holy Land cannot be considered as a vacation, but a spiritual journey in faith. Each site that your will visit is so uniquely amazing.  to be able walk in the footsteps of Jesus on such holy ground is just exciting beyond words. The people of Israel were friendly and could not do enough to serve you, fear never entered our mind. The most amazing part is that when you return home, that excitement continues to grow each Sunday as you relive the gospel. My pilgrimage was in 2000 and it is still as vivid and even more exciting each day… I  looked at the cost of my trip as an investment toward my spiritual growth which has a growth profit for a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

~ Annamarie Dick   2000


“Last November I had both the honor and privilege to visit the Holy Land with my 90 year old grandfather.  We were awestruck by the beauty of the land, engaged by the friendly people and nourished by the delicious food.  More than anything, however, we were renewed by the love of Christ as we visited many holy sites in Israel.  Please consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the majestic land where our Lord lived out His ministry.  You too will return home from Israel feeling awestruck, engaged, nourished and most of all, renewed!“

~ Sam Spoto   2016

Sometime in 1999 I was invited to join a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with my husband and relatives.  I was looking forward to see and follow the steps of Jesus and Mother Mary.  Holy Land.. Oh!!  It was a trip of a lifetime that transformed you to be a better person…It is unforgettable!! Imagine that what happened 2017 years ago is being made present and you are there to relive all that the bible teaches us about the life and death of Jesus and his Holy Mother .If you have a desire to go to the Holy Land, don’t hesitate, Relive the footsteps of our Jesus and Mother Mary, you will not regret it. When you are on a pilgrimage you are always protected by our Mother Mary, so do not fear”

~ Sonia Tagle  1999


In 2012 I had the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land walking in the steps of Jesus.   It was a wonderful, blessed experience that I would recommend to everyone.  It deepened my understanding of the Gospel and living my faith. 

~ Jeanne Daly


“Walking the Stations of the Cross is truly amazing! The modern path leads past churches, houses, through a market and even by a NY Pizzeria. But it truly brings home that Jesus was paraded in public through the markets and neighborhoods of his day. As we carried our “cross”through the streets merchants yelled at us to come into their shops and spend money. It made me think about what they yelled at Christ all those years ago. “
~ Rosemma Ward


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