Meet our Stephen Ministers

Diane Casey
Assistant Principal & Spiritual Director (Private Practice)
All her life, Diane wanted to ride a motorcycle. Time passed, and as she reached her 50th birthday, she decided it was time to make her dream a reality. She passed a safe driving motorcycle course, and her husband bought her a Honda Rebel as a birthday present. It’s moments like these when she is especially grateful for his encouragement to stay true to her most authentic self.

Diane firmly believes that challenges are opportunities to discover that we are never alone. One of these challenges was in 1998, when she lost her daughter Christina at birth. For nearly a year, she stopped going to church. Her friends and family allowed her to grieve, to be angry, but it was her own realization that led her to seek God and community for healing. She is grateful for the many people who kept their hearts and minds open as they journeyed with her. As a Stephen Minister, she hopes to offer an open mind and heart to others.

Michael Casey
Environmental Consultant
Michael’s faith is his hallmark personal strength. He finds joy in the Eucharist and in his family. His greatest accomplishment is his ability to be loving father and husband to Diane (who is also a Stephen Minister.) Through the years, he’s learned that his response is more important than any need to control any particular situation. During his training for Stephen Minstry, he discovered that often, all he needs to do is listen rather than try to fix a particular situation.

During his spare time, Michael enjoys golf, horseshoes and running. His favorite sports team is the Eagles. Michael’s favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, because it shows that no good deed or sacrifice is ever wasted.

Alina Connor
Alina has a great imagination, and as person who is sensitive to others, she considers that these two traits endow her with a strong sense of empathy. As long as she can remember Alina has always been able to put herself in another person’s shoes. Her empathy has given her the ability to be understanding, forgiving, to fight for others and to seek justice. She is naturally a person who wants to fix things, however in her training for Stephen Ministry, she learned that sometimes it’s a greater gift to simply offer others the tools to make their own change.

Alina is very close with her family- which includes her parents, her sister, her sister’s family, and her dog. Alina’s nieces and nephews encourage her to be at her best so that she can set the best possible example for them. Her dog, Cesaro, has helped her to experience the reality of unconditional love. They’ve been through a lot together and she spoils Cesaro like crazy because of his steadfast loyalty. At the moment, Alina’s favorite TV show is Expedition Unknown. It’s hosted by an archaeologist with a great sense of humor and as the show explores mysteries around the world, she finds it’s a fun way to learn about other cultures.


Jeanne Daly
AutoCAD Draftsperson
Among the many joys in her life, Jeanne finds particular joy by spending quiet time in prayer. Her parents, children and faith-filled people have encouraged her to be loving and to never stop trusting in God. Up until about 15 years ago, Jeanne was relatively shy. As she began to discover that she shared many of the same concerns as other people, Jeanne became more comfortable about speaking her truth.

Jeanne has worked for over 30 years in civil engineering. She is an autoCAD draftsperson. While she doesn’t watch much television, she does occasionally enjoy shows that are based on history, like Downton Abbey, and she recently enjoyed watching The Green Mile with her granddaughter. During her spare time, Jeanne likes to read, garden and solve crossword puzzles. Although she never imagined it was possible, Jeanne feels especially blessed in the last 12 years to have experienced opportunities to travel to Europe

Billie Springart
Legal Administrative Professional
Billie Springart finds her greatest joy in being a wife and mother to two talented young adults. She is proud to watch her children follow their dreams. Her daughter is pursuing a career as a professional actress. Her son plays basketball and football with team spirit and a passion for the game. She is grateful to her own parents and older brothers who raised her to love God above all else. They encouraged her to be independent yet considerate of all who are in need.

Billie was raised Catholic. When she was 15, the tragic loss of her brother discouraged her from practicing her faith for a while. It took her many years to return, but she is grateful to have found her way back as an active member of St. Clare’s parish, and passionate about serving others as a Stephen Leader.

Brian Rodgers
Elevator Mechanic & Repair Technician
Brian prides himself on the values of honesty, determination and dependability. He learned from his mother that it is important to always tell the truth, and his father taught him to consistently try his best. For this reason, once he starts a task, he will continue to work on it until it is complete. For over 30 years Brian has been employed as an elevator mechanic for the very same company.

Brian’s life is grounded in family, fun and faith. He is a father of two sons, and watching them grow into young men brings him his greatest joy. He is a life-long Phillies fan who once attended 50 home games in a single season. His favorite sport to play is golf, because there are many different improvisations within the game as well as a requisite sense of personal accountability. During his 20’s, he drifted away from the church because he thought he had all the answers, but after 10 years, he realized how much he needed the foundation of his Catholic faith. While training to become a Stephen Minister, Brian learned skills that improved his ability to listen without judgement.


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