Faith Formation Registration

This registration form is only for children entering    1st – 5th.

6th,7th & 8th level registration opens @ 6 pm and the only option is Monday Vision Class


2019-2020 Faith Formation Registration Form

2019-2020 Faith Formation Registration Form

Family Information

(We will be communicating through email, text alerts & website only)
I have viewed the video/power point from the May 6th meeting *

Children's Information

Please use the ADD button if you have more than one child to register for the program.Thank you!
Only list children in levels 1- 5. click ADD to register additional children for classes.
Grade level in September *
Fall Faith Formation Classes Monday evenings *
Whole Family Catechesis
My child has special needs, IEP or does not live with both parents *
Note: If your child has an IEP, special educational needs must be communicated immediately to the Coordinator of Faith Formation and to the catechist. A copy of your child's most recent IEP or 405 must be submitted to the office before classes begin. All information will remain confidential and will be kept in a secure family file.
I understand that I am to sign up for online giving to begin $35 monthly donation per family no later than May 31st. I also understand that my registration will not be confirmed until I receive a confirmation email from the Office of Faith Formation stating my child/ren are enrolled in the 2019-2020 school year. *
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