Parish Family Event

Please return on March 22nd @ 5pm to reserve a space for this event. (100) spaces available. TY


Parish Family Events are events held within the parish for families to have the opportunity to worship, celebrate and build relationships with fellow parishioners.  It is a time for families to grow in their faith with their community and this is the reason we only accept events held at St. Clare of Assisi.

Parish Family Events are provided to you through the Office of Faith Formation.

A text alert will be sent when an event is available for you to register.  We will be offering events throughout the school year. When choosing to attend an event, please follow the choice selection given on the tracking sheet you were given at the parent meeting.

Please download and print this form for use during the year. This form is for your use only to keep track of the events. 

**New this Year**

Each family is asked to please pick up (2) envelopes to be used for tracking attendance at an event where there is no other form of attendance taken.  You will be notified if the event requires you to bring an envelope.

Please keep these envelopes in a “safe” place. You will not receive credit for attending the event unless we receive the envelope in the collection basket the day of the event. Envelopes will not be accepted “after the event takes place”  additional envelopes may not be available at the event you will be attending. We ask that you please do not make your own envelope. This is the best way to keep track of events completed for our office.

For families in PREP/Vision may can come into the school to pick up your envelopes during session times.

For families who attended the summer program or are in whole family catechesis, you may come to the school during one of the scheduled classes or at least 1 week prior to the event so you have your envelope. 

Before you register for an event, please make sure you are able to commit and attend.

If it is a first come first serve event, you may be preventing a family who really wants to attend and if you cancel too close to the event, they have lost their opportunity of attending.

If you already have something scheduled for the day of event, please pass on the event. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

Please click on an image below to learn more about the events offered..




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