Stephen Ministry

What is Stephen Ministry? 



In every facet of parish life, there are people who are in need of care. How can we be the listening ears, the helping hands and the beating heart of Christ in a world that hungers for compassion?

St. Clare of Assisi Parish is excited to launch Stephen Minister training in September of 2016. We hope that our first class of Stephen Ministers will be ready for care receivers by late February 2017.

In April of this year, a member of our pastoral council, Billie Springart and our pastoral associate, Elena Brandt attended a week long Stephen Ministry Leadership Training Conference in St. Louis, MO. Stephen Ministry is an internationally recognized, interdenominational program which forms people just like you and me to provide one-to-one quality Christian care. After Billie & Elena returned, they asked a core group of parishioners to recommend the names of parishioners who would be viable candidates for Stephen Minister training.

Click here to go to the Stephen Ministry website.

Stephen Minister receives 50 hours of free training in our parish, which equip them with the skills to provide one-to-one quality Christian care. By listening and praying with a fellow member of our community for one hour every week, they become bearers of Christ’s presence for a person who might be working through a recent divorce, coping with sudden loss, or experiencing the impact of a relative’s addiction or dependency.

Do you have about this exciting program? Would you like to get involved?

Do you think you might need a Stephen Minister? While we’re training our own team, we can connect you with a Stephen Minister in a Christian community nearby.

For all inquiries about Stephen Ministry, please email us at


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